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Need a thorough review of your essay?

Take advantage of our most popular service. PreparedPA has reviewed essays and CASPA applications for top programs and understands what programs are looking for. Our individualized approach turns an essay that could have easily been overlooked into a polished document that best reflects a candidates’ genuine point of view and highlights the best abilities that schools are looking for.

This service includes initial essay review and 2 hours of review work. After initial review, we will typically send your essay back asking for some editing. Once we receive that back, we will use track changes to provide suggested edits that preserve the client’s point of view and personal voice. Once these changes are incorporated, we will provide final proofing with an additional final set of comments.

Some essays require more review or multiple back-and-forth revisions. We will let you know upon initial review if significant revision will be needed. This additional review is billed at $75/hour. 

Typical turn-around time for essay review is 1 week. This could be as long as 2 weeks during the busy Fall and Spring admissions seasons. Please plan accordingly.


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